DOT Active Transportation Planner


Sponsor: Department of Transportation

University: UCLA Extension

Status: Completed

Start and end dates: November-December 2016, February-March 2017 (2nd Phase)

Link: (DemoGithub)

Department of Transportation employees need a unified data record of active transportation projects that may be between ideation and completion phases. Students at UCLA Extension, prototyped a planning tool that ingests data from multiple sources and allows DOT staff to coordinate and monitor projects in real-time.  A minimum viable project (MVP) was built during a 6 week sprint in November and December 2016; the next group of students are coming on-board this week to get us to a beta product. DOT is preparing to manage the tool and SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) is considering recommending it as a basis for a regional active transportation planning data standard.

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